Are White Kitchens A Thing Of The Past?

The timelessness of a classic white kitchen is as popular as ever and rightly so. They are clean, fresh and can work into almost any architectural style of home. You only have to look at my portfolio to see that I have created my own fair share of white kitchens, be it modern or classic in style.

Even so, I am LOVING the use of bold, bright colors in the kitchen. In particular these jewel tones of green and blue.

Aren't they gorgeous? And don't you love the name Jolly Green?

While Pantone's Ultra Violet was named 2018 color of the year, I'm positive it's not a color that will be embraced in the kitchen any time soon! 

If you're not use to using color in your interiors it can seem daunting to choose them for a kitchen. But, thoughtfully placed color can really create a beautiful statement that stands the test of time. 

I can hear you asking, "How can I use these colors?"

I have collected some gorgeous examples and hopefully they'll provide you with some inspiration to try new color in your kitchen remodel.


This stunning blue island pops with the white counters, cabinets, ceiling and trim. The vibrant hue was used throughout the project, with a strong nautical theme.

You don't have to use the color everywhere like they have in this project. It can be an accent for the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else that you'd like to pop!

It makes sense to keep stronger, bolder colors to your lower cabinets to ground the space, leaving fresh white cabinets to lighten the walls. 

Here is another kitchen example that utilizes jewel like blue on the base cabinets.

I really like the use of the brass finishes here with the white subway tile, darker grout and farmhouse sink.

A perfect combination which keeps things casual, fun and interesting.

The next couple of examples show an emerald green finish, one which utilizes this amazing color on both upper and base cabinets.

I love the way they have paired it with a lot of metal and decorative details to give it a bohemian and eclectic vibe.

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