Happy Holidays and Thank You

As the year comes to an end I'm reminded of how important the connections we have in our lives are. From work colleagues, friends and family, spending time with others makes us happy and fulfilled, and where we share those times together, is equally important.

As we moved our dining and entertaining outside and reconfigured indoor spaces with privacy for home schooling and offices, we all faced challenges both physical and psychological.

More than ever before the comfort of our homes has become essential to our well being, and that does not necessarily mean having more "stuff". Beautiful homes are a goal - of course - but we now more fully appreciate functionality, dual purpose and a thoughtfulness to design.

I'm personally looking forward to a restful holiday and some time with my family. I'm hopeful that 2021 will bring relief to the effects of the pandemic and that we can rebuild our community and engage and connect with each other once again.

I'm thankful for the wonderful team we work with, and our dear clients that take on the journey of building their homes with us.

Happy holidays from all of us at Alina Halloran Design.

- Alina

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